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The tempering process is applied only on glass products. Tempering process allows the chemical bonds of glass molecules into a regular formation, thus allowing them to be divided into very small sizes in a possible physical force.

As it is known, glass is in every area of our lives. In shower cabinets, on building facades, on balcony windows and in many places… Spikes and large pieces formed in case of breakage pose a vital risk. For your life safety and to eliminate this risk ,tempering is done .

In the Tempering Process, the glasses are heated at approximately 750-800 degrees Celsius. Then, with large fans, air is blown on the glass for a few seconds , so that the molecules are energized without losing their formations. Then they are cooled by passingto the cooling fans.

Yiba Glass is different in every process and every product as well as in temper process. It primarily has a convection oven that is not available in other companies. This oven distributes the heat equally and provides perfect temperature. In addition, since our temper lines are constantly renewed and maintained, there are no problems like stains. And our temper lines have the necessary certificates.

Yiba Glass has a small temper line to temper your small products in size. It provides service to you by tempering even small glasses placed in front of cameras and lights.

Having a temper in the company isn’t enough.its quality and what can it do changes many things. In a non-convection oven, you cannot determine how many pieces of glass will be separated and how large these pieces are. And since the glass is not all treated equally, there may be different fragmentation.

Since the issue is life safety, it is necessary to take this into consideration. Large companies understand and the importance usage of tempering.

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